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Inc.com: Airbn-boo-boo

I just spotted this error on the homepage at Inc.com. Obviously, it should read “Airbnb,” not “Aribnb.” Who the heck is Ari?

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'Nuclear' Infinitives

I spotted this error yesterday on NBC News’ homepage. It should read, “… make it easier for the majority party to confirm …” Missing infinitive markers may not be a problem of “nuclear” proportions, but they sure are annoying!


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Chicago Magazine: Oops!

I was reading the June issue of Chicago magazine yesterday, and it appears that its editors need to “fill the potholes” in their copyediting process.


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Even Editors Need Editors

I was so excited to launch my new website that I stayed up late last night to compose a launch email to all my clients and colleagues — which went out promptly at 6 a.m. this morning with two typos. The irony is not lost on me: I am an editor, promoting my new editing services with bad editing. Proof, if ever there was proof, that even the best editors need an editor (or, at least, a lock on their computer that prevents them from composing launch emails in the wee hours of the morning).


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Chinese with a Side of Spelling Mistakes


This local Chinese restaurant forgot to proofread its menu! It’s located near “Harlem & Touhy,” not “Harlem & Touty.” And it doesn’t levy a “delivery change” (please don’t deliver my cashew chicken to my neighbor, instead!); it levies a “delivery charge.” Proofreading matters, whether your business is content or egg rolls.

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