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Matt Alderton should have been born with a red pen in his hand. In grade school, he was the best speller in his class and the only kid who knew how to properly use a semicolon. In high school, he was the only Spanish student who actually knew what the words “conjugate” and “subjunctive” meant. Today, he’s a full-grown editor who regularly spots spelling, grammar and vocabulary errors on restaurant menus, in everyday e-mails and even in his peers’ published articles.

Because nothing can tarnish one’s professionalism and credibility faster than a misspelled word or a misplaced mark of punctuation, Matt helps his clients build credible business images, one period, comma and question mark at a time. Clean copy, after all, is effective copy.

When you hire Matt as your editor, you’ll get:

  • Pristine, error-free copy
  • Meticulous line editing courtesy of a persnickety copyeditor
  • Constructive feedback on your content
  • Copy that’s consistent with your voice, style, standards and brand identity
  • A writer who can finesse existing copy and smooth over trouble spots
  • Suggestions on subject matter, structure and organization
  • Copy that conforms to professional standards: AP, MLA or Chicago style

Editing Services

  • Editing articles
  • Editing Web pages
  • Editing marketing materials
  • Editing sales collateral
  • Editing books
  • Editing newsletters
  • Editing proposals
  • Editing event programs
  • Copyediting
  • Line editing
  • Proofreading
  • Spell checking
  • Rewriting
  • Macroediting
  • Content critique
  • And more!